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How do I get my logo trademarked?

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So you want to trademark my logo, right? This article will detail the costs and steps involved in obtaining a trademark. Continue reading to learn how much it will cost for you to register your trademark in other countries and the USA. Also, you will find information about trademark registration and steps involved in the trademark application. Here are the steps to follow:

Costs for trademarking a Logo

The costs for trademarking a logo are dependent on its complexity and the classes it covers. Filing an application online with the USPTO costs approximately $275; filing it through an attorney can cost between $200 and $600. However, in most cases, businesses need only file one application for a single logo. They will file a regular application if they already have a logo and a special "intent to use" application if they haven't yet created a logo.

A professional trademark attorney costs anywhere from $1,000 up to $2,000. They can provide deeper search for conflicting use and ideas to make your logo unique. If your application has been denied, they may be able to represent you. If your application has been rejected, you will receive the rejection via legal service websites. These services often perform the same work for a cheaper price. Below is a list of the costs associated with trademarking a Logo. You should note that trademark fees can be charged per-class. This means that if two identical logos fall under different classes, they will have to pay different costs.

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Steps to register a trademark

How do I get my logo trademarked? This is not an incredibly simple process. The logo must be submitted together with any supporting documents. A response may take six months to one year. Check the Trademark Status database and the Document Retrieval to keep track of the status of your application. There is also an option to view the current processing status of your application.

First, it is important to know that the USPTO assigns codes for different types of design elements. There are hundreds upon hundreds of codes that can be assigned for different types of logo designs. An attorney will search for your logo in order to avoid conflict. He or she will use powerful search tools to make sure your logo doesn't have a similar or competing trademark. Moreover, they can advise you on possible conflicts.

Costs associated with registering a mark in the USA

The price of registering an American trademark depends on whether the trademark will be used within a year. The filing fees for federal trademark registration typically range from two hundred to four hundred dollars per class. You will also need to pay a $250 fee to prove your use in commerce. The total cost of registering a US trademark can run to several thousand dollars.

Once a trademark application has been filed, it must be renewed every 10 years. This period was reduced from 15 to 10 years in June 2019. The date that the trademark was filed for the first time will be considered the start of the renewal period. You will need to file a sample of use in order to renew your trademark. It is evidence that the trademark was used in goods, packaging, or services. The specimen must show the actual product or packaging containing your trademark. It is not enough to have photocopies of the original product or packaging.

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Costs to register a trademark in another country

Although trademark registration fees can be expensive depending on where you live, the advantages far outweigh the cons. Before you register trademarks, you need to be familiar with the laws in each country. The following information gives an overview of costs for trademark registrations in other countries. Learn more about international registration costs and their benefits.

Filling out an application form is the first step towards trademark registration. A trademark application form can be obtained from the office issuing the trademark, or it can be completed online. You will need to complete the form with details of the goods and/or services. Some trademark offices require proof or a declaration to the intent to use the trade mark. Once your application is filed, the trademark office will examine it to determine whether the formalities have been followed.


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How do I get my logo trademarked?