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Here's what you need to know about the 3 credit report bureaus

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This page will provide information about the three main credit bureaus. Here's a brief rundown of their services and differences. Each bureau performs similar services, but their models and algorithms are different. Because of this, it's important to cross-check each report with another bureau, as errors and clerical errors may occur on unique reports from each bureau. How can you leverage all three of these to your advantage?


If you are wondering what exactly a credit bureau does, you're not alone. TransUnion tracks borrowers' credit history and generates credit scores. TransUnion is, along with Equifax & Experian a credit bureau that financial institutions examine when deciding whether they will extend credit. It offers free credit reports and information about identity theft and fraud to its customers.

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Credit reports include information about credit history, address and money owed. It also contains information about your payment history. TransUnion can be trusted for this information. You also have the option to get TrueIdentity identity protection at no cost. This service is used daily by more than one million people. It locks and unlocks TransUnion credit reports. TrueIdentity provides credit alerts and identity theft insurance up to $25k, making it a good choice for credit protection.


Equifax in the USA is the largest credit reporting agency. Equifax operates in 11 countries, and tracks the consumer data of more than 22 million people. It offers a number of products to consumers and businesses including a credit lock, credit monitoring and credit monitoring. It is best known for its 2017 data breach that resulted in $575 million settlement. Now, the company offers free credit monitoring and protection against identity theft. Equifax is also used by financial institutions, government agencies, healthcare providers, utilities, and retailers to collect consumer information.

Although the "Big Three" may dominate the industry, these companies also offer a range of consumer services. These companies can help to find the right credit program. These credit reporting agencies offer free credit scores. And, with free credit monitoring and identity theft detection services, Equifax and Experian make it easy to protect your credit score. You can improve your credit score by following these simple steps.


While there are differences between Experian, TransUnion and others, they all are the main U.S. credit reporting agency. Experian has a California headquarters in Costa Mesa and provides data to over 60 countries. TransUnion, which is based in Chicago (Illinois), oversees credit histories for millions worldwide. Experian provides consumers with free credit reports and scores, and explains your rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

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Credit scores are complicated and can vary greatly between credit bureaus. Each bureau may calculate your credit score in a different way, and they could be wrong. A credit bureau may give you an incorrect score if you have the identical name and have made the exact same payment on a separate account within the last year. These differences don’t make Experian ineffective. It is essential to understand what each bureau is doing in order to ensure your financial security.

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Here's what you need to know about the 3 credit report bureaus