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Hiring a New Mexico Real Estate Attorney

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An experienced New Mexico realty attorney can help protect your rights. New Mexico real estate laws require you to identify and notify known adverse parties to a property before it can be purchased. Also, identify the heirs for deceased defendants. An experienced New Mexico realty attorney can prepare a silent title complaint and ensure that notice is sent to all interested parties. If you fail to appear at a hearing, your claim is barred.

Jeannette M. Whittaker

Jeannette McKinley Whittaker, a New Mexico attorney with more 27 years of experience in real property law, is the best. Her extensive experience and detailed approach allow her to quickly identify and solve a variety of legal problems, which will save you both time AND money. For more information about her services, contact her today. She provides legal representation and consultations as well document preparation.

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Darryl W. Millet a New Mexico State Bar Association Member, is a real-estate attorney that handles real property disputes and assists with the drafting of property contracts. Jeannette M. Whittaker, a Greenspoon Marder LLP Partner, focuses her practice on residential and commercial realty. She is an expert in residential and business real estate law and has expertise in foreclosures.

Jake Garrison

The Garrison Law Firm, LLC, has extensive experience in real estate and commercial law. Their lawyers have been able to draft contracts and negotiate contractual disputes. They are also skilled in the formation of corporate entities, collection management, and wealth administration. They work hard to ensure that their clients get the best legal outcome. The firm offers flexible payment options and competitive rates. Garrison Law Firm, LLC not only provides excellent legal services, but also offers affordable legal solutions to their clients.

For the best possible legal results, hire a licensed attorney who knows how to work on a budget. Jake Garrison, New Mexico real estate attorney, provides cost-effective legal solutions to his clients. Garrison Law Practice, LLC, his firm, helps industrial and household clients to minimize legal risks and avoid costly disputes. The firm, which is located in Rio Rancho serves the Albuquerque community for more than 25-years.

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Jeannette M. Whittaker LLC

You can find the contact information of Law Office of Jeannette M. Whittaker LLC (New Mexico) through online research. This company is located in North Albuquerque Acres. Online listings include its address, telephone number and the city and state. Check out reviews to see if any of their clients have used their services. You can also read reviews from customers to see how satisfied they were with their services.


How much does it cost for law school to attend?

Tuition for law school can vary from one school to another, but typically costs between $50,000 and $60,000. Financial aid packages are offered by law schools to students of low income. After graduation, students with federal loans (including Stafford Loans), may be eligible to get loan forgiveness.

What type of lawyer do you need most?

It is best to simply say there are two types. These are the transactional lawyers as well as the litigation lawyers. Transactional lawyers deal with contracts and business law. Litigation attorneys deal with lawsuits. A generalist is a lawyer who specializes in both. The best-known example of a generalist is the "Big Law" attorney, which is the term for an attorney who practices at large firms where he or she handles many different kinds of cases. Generalists could be either transactional, or litigation lawyers.

Transactional lawyers deal with all types of legal matters, such as divorces. Many of these lawyers work on a contingent fee basis. That means they get paid only if their client wins the case. The lawyer is not paid if the client loses. These lawyers are often called "trial lawyers", as they must go through trials in order to win their cases.

Litigation lawyers handle lawsuits. They may represent clients at administrative hearings or in courtrooms. Some litigators are also skilled in transactional work. For example, they might draft documents for their clients. A company can use litigation lawyers to defend it from a lawsuit brought in by another. Or, they can be hired by a plaintiff to sue a defendant. Some litigation lawyers focus exclusively on personal injury claims. Some focus on commercial disputes. Still, others practice family law.

Lawyers in litigation must be able to present evidence and argue before juries and judges. They should be able to understand the rules and regulations of civil procedure, as well as the laws governing litigation. They must be capable of researching and analyzing facts and issues. They should also be skilled negotiators.

What is a pro-bono lawyer?

A pro bono lawyer is someone who does free legal services for people who cannot afford them. They are usually lawyers who do this as part of their job, but they also do it on their own time. Pro bono work can range from helping out elderly clients with estate planning issues to representing indigent defendants.

What is the difference between paralegals and legal assistants?

Paralegals can be trained to do specific tasks like typing, filing, and researching. Legal assistants may assist attorneys in preparing pleadings, drafting motions, or researching. Both types of professionals aid attorneys in completing their workload.

What is the average salary of lawyers?

No. Lawyers usually earn less than dentists or engineers, teachers and nurses, accountants, pharmacists and veterinarians. Lawyers are paid an average of $55,000 each year.


  • The nationwide number of first-year students enrolling last fall increased by almost 12%, according to recent data by the American Bar Association. (stfrancislaw.com)
  • A Johns Hopkins study of more than 100 professions found lawyers the most likely to have severe depression—four times more likely than the average person. (rasmussen.edu)
  • The median annual salary for lawyers in 2016 was $118,160, according to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS). (rasmussen.edu)
  • According to a 2019 Robert Half Legal Consulting Solutions survey, 54% of law firms were planning to expand their legal teams. (stfrancislaw.com)
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average annual salary for lawyers in 2020 was $126,930. (stfrancislaw.com)

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Where can I get legal aid for free?

It is difficult to find a good pro bono lawyer because there are so many out there who would like your business. There are several avenues you can use to locate a pro bono legal representative. You can reach out to your local bar association to ask for recommendations, search online for pro bono service providers, or check with the state bar association. You can also find a probono attorney through your local law school. Many law schools offer their students the opportunity to work with low-income clients to give them access to justice. If none these options appeal to your needs, then you might want to consider working with a nonprofit such as Legal Services Corporation. LSC supports nonprofit organizations throughout the country that provide civil legal help to people living below poverty lines. This organization funds programs that aid low-income persons with housing issues, child support enforcement and family law matters. LSC provides financial assistance as well as guidance and advice to grantees about how to best serve their clients. Some examples of services include:

  • Financial counseling
  • Assistance with filing for bankruptcy
  • Helping families deal with domestic violence
  • Representation before administrative bodies

If you're looking for a pro bono attorney, but aren't sure where to start, here are some things to keep in mind :

  • You don't have to spend your time searching for a lawyer who is experienced in your particular case. Pro bono lawyers often represent different types of clients, which means they'll likely have little experience working with your particular kind of issue.
  • Consider hiring a lawyer that has had experience representing clients with low income. This means that they are familiar with the communication needs of this client group.
  • Ask if the lawyer has any special training in your area of concern. For example, if you're dealing with landlord/tenant issues, ensure the lawyer you choose has experience handling those kinds of cases.
  • Check to see if the lawyer will accept new clients. You might not find a lawyer who only takes on certain types cases.
  • Do not trust lawyers who claim that they specialize in a certain area of law. Many lawyers claim that they specialize in different areas of law, but don't have any knowledge about the subject.
  • Make sure the lawyer has a strong reputation. Ask for referrals from family members and friends. You can also search online to find reviews left by other clients.

Hiring a New Mexico Real Estate Attorney